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Goodbye Old Friend

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I still remember when we brought you home and you became one of our family. You have been my hunting and fishing partner for over a decade and today I say goodbye old friend. I can remember the last full day we spent together hunting, and I and am so thankful you spent part of it with dad, and were there when the sun went down with Chris and I. You gave it your all that day and brought back every bird. It reminded me of an athlete playing his last game. When I had to carry you into the pickup that night, and you looked at me with those brown eyes and I knew it was your last hurrah. That look told me it was time and I still remember the tears I had on that ride home from Devil's Lake. It will be hard to go fishing and not see you with your head over the side of the boat looking for a fish. I will always miss that and know someday we will do it again. So with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat I say again goodbye old friend.

Eric Hustad
Fishing and Big Game Director
Nodak Outdoors Field Staff

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