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Good walleye fishing reported

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I've seen some nic pictures of 28+ inch walleyes coming out of the red around fargo the past week. They're hanging just downsream from the dams.

Use big minnows and keep them close to the bottom is the tip I received.

Good luck.
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where are these dams at along the red in the fargo area?

How is it durning the spring??
cool... Iwas out there last night too, waiting for the big hit , when all of a sudden i hear people yellin " hey. its backwater eddy" ..

You wouldnt happen to be with that group of guys last night by the dam drinking " coffee" ......

I was with my wife and 2 year old son.
I am new in town and dont know anything and that is the first spot i was told to try....
I didnt catch any eyes, i did get a skipper and a carp... woooo hoooo..
i guess thats what i will catch if i drink mountain dew...
perhaps i should bring out a pot of " coffee" tonight......

If you end up there tonight, ill be either at the dam again or on the point in a big ole camo captain chair, stop by and grab a cup or 2.. lol

let me know if your gonna be out there,,

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Once again got skunked at the walleye
Do skippers count??

Sorry chris, got out there at 1pm and left at about 5pm..

i heard through the grape vine that the action wont pick up till next week..
The water temp is 49 degrees and the eyes will be on when it hits around 54... well lets hope so..

anyone else havin any luck with the eyes???

OH, btw, if ya want to meet up sometime this weekend and do some fishin i'm open... the cheyenne is the only place i know of so far so if there is a chance of finding a different spot im all game...
I wouldnt even know where to start on the red.Also a guy told me to try wild rice river about 6 miles south of town. said they are hitting right now.
but i cant find rice on a map, so i dont have a clue where its at or where to begin..

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wild rice is toast for the rest of this year.. Did real crappy earlier in april, best luck for me was at oxbow.. even pulled a couple 10lb kitties out of there a few weeks ago.. Been working alot lately so I havnt had time to fish. Would really like to catch a cat over 10 lbs, So if anyone wants to go for kitties ill be more than willing to help in the hunting.. good luck,, and let me know if anyone wants to hit the river anytime.. this coming weekend im either going to omaha neb, or white earth lake. So anytime after next weekend im sure I'll be able to make..

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