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A number of years ago while hunting on Lanai I saw a gentleman with a walnut looking inline that I'd not seen before and went up to him to question him about his beautiful Muzzleloader. It was a 50 caliber Gonic. I talked to this gentleman for 20 minutes about muzzleloaders and such and was interested in that the Gonic shoots interesting bullets, as mine did too... A White .451.

I think it a shame that Gonic left the scene, a very accurate rifle and the number of calibers that they had were mindboggling... and unique.... 30, 35, 36, .410 (which I have in the White as well) .45 and 50... I'm told...

In my opinion, one of the notables in muzzleloader rifles...

Aloha... :cool:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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