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Go Wild!!!

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OT win in game 7 ------- SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That was one of the ugliest wins in history. They were getting pounded, but just stuck it out. Like '70s hockey all over again.

I thought they were getting outplayed for most of the 3rd and all of the OT but the goaltending on both sides was great. Someone at the Excel had a sign at game six that said, "It's not how good you are, it's how bad you want it." Seemed to make the difference last night.
OH HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!! :beer:
All right, I have to post on this subject (Just for the record, I was born in the Twin Cities, moved north to Grand Rapids, then on to No.Dak. for the formative years including a college degree from UND).

With that out of the way, I think the loss of the North Stars to Dallas says a whole bunch about the "true hockey fans" in the State. How pathethic is it that the residents of the State could not and would not support an entrenched franchise. So in my humble opinion, anything that the new franchise accomplishes will always be tarnished by the fact that the Stars are in existence and an extremely successful team. I find the new moniker "The State of Hockey" extremely insulting and arrogant. Sorry to rain on your parade, just my :2cents:

We did not lose the Stars due to lack of support we lost them because the people of MN would not be blackmailed> I was at the last game the North Stars played in MN, I have fond memories of many players and was happy that some of the real Stars got there name on the cup. The owners that moved them I hold in contempt.

So go WILD the ghosts of hockey past are on you side.
Wasn't there a little problem with sexual harassment and the owner of the Stars leaving town when he couldn't get out of the charge? I don't remember the exact details but, from what I do remember, I don't see how his "taking his ball and going home" when he had to live up to the rules tarnishes the hockey fans of MN. Either way, the Wild is a totally new organization and the Stars are ancient history.
damnit! I couldn't get the game out here. :******: :******:

Highlights just aren't the same.

Either way....sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

You and I share different memories of their departure. But anyway, I re-read my post and I really sounded like a complete jerk. My apologies :beer: As long as Detroit is gone from the West, its all good.
My family was season ticket holders for the North Stars for as long as I could remember....Personally I love the North Stars...but i absolutly hate the Dallas Stars.

I will admit, my bitterness against the Stars is just because they left. I am a diehard Wild fan now. And frankly I was just excited to have professional hockey back in the State of Hockey.

How is the phrase "The State of Hockey" arrogant???

Just wonderin.....
The WILD coaching strategy fits the conservative playoff style of the NHL perfectly. Jacques Lemaire did it with an average talent NJ Devil team - just may get it done this time too. :D :beer:

Cleveland lost their football team to Baltimore. With the new Browns, Cleveland is no longer a hard core football city??? Minneapolis had the Lakers. Timberwolves ... well may be a bad comparison ... they usually choke .... we will see this year.

Remember also that Norm Green was under at least one sexual harassment suit. I believe the law suit was filed by the daughter of a Mpls city politician and from a "hockey family". He was running away from MN as fast as he could for a multiple of reasons.

Bloomington also wanted M of A.

If it took a few years without a hockey team to get EXCEL then it was worth it. That arena is better than the old Met - hands down - not even close.

You and Brett Hull can spend the off season together. He made a similar comment after St. Paul was awarded the franchise. :D

State of Hockey: a little corny I suppose, but the WILD have an excellent marketing group. The access to players, practices, etc... that my son has had the past couple of years has been great. Talking with and autographs from these players makes many a young childs' day.

They also sponsor the 10,000 rinks program and have raised much $$$ for youth hockey.

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Lordy, Lordy two nights in a row with a 2 goal lead late in the third. To bad the do not have a 450 goliath to just camp in front of thenet and block the whole opening.

Go wild I hope NIcke Ditch cannot predict the future.

Series 1-1 can't wait for home ice.
I'm pumped for the game tonight. It's gonna be a good one.
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