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Snow Geese May Not be Here for Spring Opener; Hotline to Provide Updates

Even though the state’s spring light goose season opens Feb. 22, hunters
shouldn’t expect to see birds migrating into North Dakota on opening day.
However, early migrants have already been reported in southern South Dakota,
according to Mike Johnson, waterfowl biologist for the State Game and Fish

Weather conditions and availability of open water and food will dictate when
snow geese arrive and how long they stay, Johnson said. Present conditions
aren’t right for snow geese to move into North Dakota, he added, and the
bulk of the snow geese still remain in the southern portion of the Central

A lack of substantial snow cover combined with a warmer weather forecast
could bring those birds north, Johnson said.

Last year, snow geese were in the state primarily the last week in March and
first two weeks in April. Game and fish will again provide hunters with
migration updates. Hunters can call 701-328-3697 to hear recorded
information 24 hours a day until the season ends or geese have left the
state. The hotline will be updated periodically during the week. “Hunters
are able to get generalized locations of bird sightings once light geese
enter the state,â€
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