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This buck carried 11 main-frame tines and an extra point on each browtine.

The buck had tines to more than a foot in length, main beams to 29 inches and an inside spread of more than 24 inches.

Later, the buck was unofficially scored at 208 gross points. It's expected to net about 188 typical points when the mandatory 60-day drying period is over. It could also score about 203 non-typical inches, though the typical score will probably rank it higher in Kansas.

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, the archery state record is a 193 7/8 buck shot in Wabaunsee County in 2001. The fifth-best scored 188 5/8 and was shot in Pottawatomie County in 1998.

Having too many points is keeping Farr's buck from scoring higher.

Pope & Young rates racks on symmetry and perfection. The extra points on the browtines deduct from the total score.

"If he didn't have those splits on the browtines, he'd net 195 and be the new state record, But those add character to him," Farr said. "I'll keep hunting and hoping for something bigger and better. I realize that's a pretty big dream."
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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