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Getting Ready

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It's awfully darned quiet around here lately. I guess everyone is fishing or getting their equipment ready for the season.

I got my order of 12 dozen new Last Look decoys last week. (Nothing like new toys to get one all excited.) I have started to assemble them. I am selling six dozen white shell decoys to help defray the cost of the new ones. I also got my flags repaired and poles rigged to take the flags and kite we use. I have quite a bit of work to do to get my Northwinds ready. I took the heads off all except for 10% last year. The system I used to keep the decoys on the sticks failed on some of the decoys because the holes were a little too big in the decoy body. So, I have to fix those.

When I get all this stuff ready, we should be able to run 235 Northwinds, 156 Last Looks, 68 blue goose shells, 4 flags, a kite, a dozen Goose Magnets, and a few others.

Then, Wood Duck tells me at Game Fair that he has been running less than 200 decoys and has been doing just fine. Maybe, we will have to split up our decoys into two 200 decoy spreads rather than one at 400+.

Are you guys getting ready??
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Blast those crows Wood Duck. They are bad for waterfowl. Why don't you do a story on crow hunting and submit it to Chris. There are too many of those things and they need more thinning out than Canada geese. But, not many people hunt them or know how.
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