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Geese in Moorhead

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I stopped by the Moorhead ponds on my way home from the lake and watched the geese for awhile. There are so many geese over there it is unbelievable. In the little time that I was there I also saw 3 geese with leg bands. Two were a pair with three goslings and the other was paired up with four goslings. Where are these birds getting banded?

I also saw one pair with about 50 goslings all about the same size. Obviously they did not hatch out all of them. Do the other geese nest and then give up parental rights and let one pair handle all of the duties or what?
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I have always been told that the nonbreeders will go north to molt. We have 100's of them around the cabin right now that haven't been here all spring. They usually always show up around Memorial day and are mostly gone by the next weekend.
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