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Fund Drive: Adopt A Pothole for Nodak Outdoors

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After much discussion, we're ready to start raising funds to join the Delta Waterfowl "Adopt A Pothole" program and sponsor the wetlands in the name of "" :beer: .

Landowners involved with Adopt-A-Pothole accept a 10-year lease agreement not to clear, cultivate, drain, burn, spray, graze, or hay the uplands and wetlands within the contract area. Areas surrounding wetlands are often sown to Dense Nesting Cover (DNC). See the Delta web site for additional details on this program:

We've talked to the people at Delta and we do have choices as to the location. We've tentatively talked about getting a location near Devils Lake, but once all donations are received, maybe everyone who contributed can vote from a list of various locations.

Here are the different levels they offer:
One Acre Pothole $125
Two Acre Pothole $250
Wetland Complex $500

This is a great chance for Residents and Non-Residents to work together in the name of habitat conservation. Let's challenge ourselves with the goal of getting to the $500 Wetland Complex level. All individuals who donate at least $25 will receive a 1 year membership in Delta Waterfowl

We'd like to receive all donations by May 31, 2003. 100% of the money raised will go to Delta Waterfowl, so nobody on this site has a vested interest other than to protect wetland habitat. Please forward this to anybody that you think could be a potential contributor.

Please send donations to (make check payable to Delta Waterfowl):
Tim Morris
3662 Evergreen Rd NE
Fargo, ND 58102
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I disagree that I've spun anything. When you wade thru the BS on both sides, the bottom line is protecting wetlands, correct?

How does one differ from the other?

I think the reason people sent in money was that it was put towards habitat. Everyone has done so before any issue of whether or not the land would be open to hunting, so personally I don't think it'll matter either way. As long as the landowner retained the habitat for the term of the contract that's as far as this relationship goes.

My :2cents:

If you want to have a discussion on the difference between DU/Delta, please start it on another thread. I want to keep this open for informational purposes for the AAP.

I see Deltas new goals as a significant difference

I think many thought this was a good Idea if we had a relationship with the pothole owner (maybe do some volunteer work etc. to improve it) But if were just paying a landowner who leases his land, or is anti open hunting of non posted land - then I want a refund
We're waiting for a few last checks to trickle in, but we're definitely going to reach our $500 goal, congratualations to all who made it happen.

As far as the details on the pothole, landowner, etc. as Chris said this fund was started to help Delta protect waterfowl HABITAT. I also would hope that the pothole is not leased or closed to hunting, but also don't expect it to be a private Nodak Outdoors hunting area either.

Chris or myself will provide a detailed update later in the week.
It was never intended to be a
a private Nodak Outdoors hunting area either.

But the original idea was to work with a cooperative landowner (at least moderate) & then perhaps this could help us evolve into a online chapter (if possible) ???

But you seem to have taken over & now will just give it away - like any other chapter - I thought being were here, in the pothole region, we could do something special. To be honest - I would not give a dime to any landowner that would not be open to these ideas. Just to have him get money for nothing.
I kind of agree with Fetch.I'm not too crazy about doing this and then have it off limits.I don't intend to drive there and hunt it,but it would be nice to know it is open to hunting.
Trust me, I'm not trying to take anything over or give anything away. I'll put the final list of donors together and forward it to Chris.

In our earlier discussions with Jim Fisher at Delta, he mentioned that they have a few possible pothole projects in the Devils Lake region. Also I talked to Chris a couple days ago and he might have a potential project site in SE ND.

Once we have more information and a list of potential sites, we could have discussion or a vote among the contributors as to which site we should choose. Any other ideas of suggestions for choosing a site are welcomed.
Didn't the Delta site say they were expanding the program into Canada? If so, we could ask for a Canadian project and then we would know it wouldn't be leased out for hunting. It wouldn't be in our back yard though either.

I would be surprised if Delta is going to guarantee us that a ND complex wouldn't be posted/leased. But it can't hurt to ask.
Quack...Jim told me in an email that the farmer has the right to do as he pleases about hunting rights.
Looks like we have four options:

1. Ask for a Manitoba project and know that it won't be leased out for hunting.

2. Ask for a ND project. No guarantee that the farmer won't lease it out, but at least it will be in our backyard.

3. Give all the checks back and forget about it.

4. Donate the money to the "Fetch for Governor" election fund.

I'm indifferent between #1 and #2.
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I recieved an update from Delta.

The guy we need to contact is their waterfowl biologist at the Bismarck office.His name is:

Joel Brice
Box 3128
Bismarck,ND 58502


I will be leaving for Sask. for a fishing trip tomorrow and won't be back till the 16th.No computer,phone,or TV.
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Is this issue dead or are we just waiting for Ken's return?
We received the last couple checks today and we're at $525, way to go guys! I plan on sending the funds to Delta first thing next week. Here is the full list of donors who made it happen (Don't know all your "screen" names or I would have included them):

Chris Hustad
Doug Panchot
Tom Bair
Perry Thorvig
Nate Medhus
Keith Lieberg
Kory Lieberg
Chris Pezalla
Brent Ronning
Ken Weinzierl
Dan Levin
Ryan Henning
Jon Morris
Tim Morris

I talked to Joel Bice at the Delta office in Bismarck today. He's going to send us a list of over a dozen sites we can choose from. All the "Adopted" potholes in ND he's aware of aren't closed to hunting or "leased out", and the landowners appreciate the fact that waterfowl hunting interests are the main funding that lets them protect these wetlands.

Once we choose a location, Delta will officially designate the wetland complex in the "Nodak Outdoors" name. Great job to all that donated and I think we should make this a yearly fund drive effort at minimum, and beyond that have a goal of starting a Eastern ND/NW Minn. Delta chapter or join the Bismarck chapter that was recently started. I have the
contact name at Delta for starting a chapter, but if anyone with the Bismarck chapter or the proposed chapter in the Fargo/Moorhead area sees this, please post an update on your chapter to let us know how we
can get involved.

I was surprised that only 2 donations we're received from MN. (Perry & my brother) and none from WI. This tells me either they felt excluded by the ND resident group or they aren't that dedicated to protecting ND wetlands? All of us are looking for a quality hunt in ND whether it means a cap of 20K or unlimited non-residents, but I'd be interested to find out why more of the non-residents didn't contribute? Especially since Chris and several others on this site have been more than willing to help you plan and find a successful area to hunt and the fact that ND provides you with a very accessible waterfowl mecca to enjoy each fall. Don't get me wrong I know there's alot of MN. and WI. hunters that are already members of Delta and contribute to their programs, but I expected more..... Maybe next time we'll need to solicit funds on the MN DNR and sites.
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Wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you for initiating this fund drive and I am looking forward to seeing the Nodakoutdoors adopted complex. Also, a big thank you to all others that contributed.
I agree bioman, great work Tim.

Just goes to show that with a little bit of work, anything can be accomplished through these forums.

Thank you to everyone who donated!
Actually, Fetch and Chris really initiated it and I just chipped in and helped organize things. Conservation of wildlife habitat like this is really what it's all about to me. I should have the list of possible pothole complexes in the next couple days.
Excellent Job Guys. Thanks for everyone pitching in. It'll be interesting to see the areas that are available.
Hi guys! It sounds like the eastern ND folks are really getting organized. I wanted to give an update on the Bismarck Delta chapter. We are called the Puddle Jumpers, and we have just set the date for our first-ever banquet. I put an announcement on the Wildlife Clubs page.

Our banquet is scheduled for August 19 at the Bismarck Amvets Club. The social starts at 5:30 pm and the dinner starts at 7 pm. A $40 ticket gets you a 1-year basic Delta membership and a dinner ticket. You can also buy a couples ticket or a sponsor-level upgrade.

We will have lots of raffles and door prizes. Also getting your ticket purchased by August 5 will put you in an early-bird raffle for a Winchester spotting scope.

Drop me a message or call the Delta office (1-888-987-3695) if you want a ticket. I am hopeful that we can use the event to build some Delta membership in North Dakota.

See you there,

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I received this response from Joel today. To all who donated why don't you think about these potential locations and we can have a vote or come to some other concensus as to which location we'll choose.

Hello Tim,

As promised during our last conversation, we currently have "wetland complexes" available near the towns of Warwick, Jamestown, Stanley, Esmond, Fessenden and Lehr...all in North Dakota.

I have yet to make direct contact with each landowner to hear of their views on hunting access. I would be very surprised to learn that any of the above contract lands would deny permission, post their land or lease to hunters. I will make contact with each landowner and get back to you. If your group finds a particular contract location of specific interest, please let me know.

We received the Nodak Outdoors checks today along with the included list of names. I personally am very impressed and appreciate everyone's support. Thanks to all!

I will be in touch. -Joel Brice
Joel S. Brice
Waterfowl Biologist
Delta Waterfowl Foundation
P.O. Box 3128
Bismarck, ND 58502
phone: 701-222-8857
toll free: 888-987-3695
fax: 701-223-4645
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A big thanks to Tim and all who contributed. :beer: :beer: :beer:
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