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Fund Drive: Adopt A Pothole for Nodak Outdoors

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After much discussion, we're ready to start raising funds to join the Delta Waterfowl "Adopt A Pothole" program and sponsor the wetlands in the name of "" :beer: .

Landowners involved with Adopt-A-Pothole accept a 10-year lease agreement not to clear, cultivate, drain, burn, spray, graze, or hay the uplands and wetlands within the contract area. Areas surrounding wetlands are often sown to Dense Nesting Cover (DNC). See the Delta web site for additional details on this program:

We've talked to the people at Delta and we do have choices as to the location. We've tentatively talked about getting a location near Devils Lake, but once all donations are received, maybe everyone who contributed can vote from a list of various locations.

Here are the different levels they offer:
One Acre Pothole $125
Two Acre Pothole $250
Wetland Complex $500

This is a great chance for Residents and Non-Residents to work together in the name of habitat conservation. Let's challenge ourselves with the goal of getting to the $500 Wetland Complex level. All individuals who donate at least $25 will receive a 1 year membership in Delta Waterfowl

We'd like to receive all donations by May 31, 2003. 100% of the money raised will go to Delta Waterfowl, so nobody on this site has a vested interest other than to protect wetland habitat. Please forward this to anybody that you think could be a potential contributor.

Please send donations to (make check payable to Delta Waterfowl):
Tim Morris
3662 Evergreen Rd NE
Fargo, ND 58102
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Fetch...Jim sent me an email last week and answered some of them.

He said...the potholes are 3-5 acres.He also said the landower has the right to post it and let whomever he wants to hunt or not hunt it.He also said they have some farmers in the DL area that would go with the program.
The one question he didn't answer was if an internet site could have a chapter.If not we would have to call it something.

Here is his phone number...1-877-667-5656....
Yes...I guess we would have to come up with a name for the chapter.
By the way the refugeforums is now pushing the same idea.There is a sticky on the main forum asking for donations as small as $1.
I kind of agree with Fetch.I'm not too crazy about doing this and then have it off limits.I don't intend to drive there and hunt it,but it would be nice to know it is open to hunting.
Quack...Jim told me in an email that the farmer has the right to do as he pleases about hunting rights.
I recieved an update from Delta.

The guy we need to contact is their waterfowl biologist at the Bismarck office.His name is:

Joel Brice
Box 3128
Bismarck,ND 58502


I will be leaving for Sask. for a fishing trip tomorrow and won't be back till the 16th.No computer,phone,or TV.
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