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Fund Drive: Adopt A Pothole for Nodak Outdoors

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After much discussion, we're ready to start raising funds to join the Delta Waterfowl "Adopt A Pothole" program and sponsor the wetlands in the name of "" :beer: .

Landowners involved with Adopt-A-Pothole accept a 10-year lease agreement not to clear, cultivate, drain, burn, spray, graze, or hay the uplands and wetlands within the contract area. Areas surrounding wetlands are often sown to Dense Nesting Cover (DNC). See the Delta web site for additional details on this program:

We've talked to the people at Delta and we do have choices as to the location. We've tentatively talked about getting a location near Devils Lake, but once all donations are received, maybe everyone who contributed can vote from a list of various locations.

Here are the different levels they offer:
One Acre Pothole $125
Two Acre Pothole $250
Wetland Complex $500

This is a great chance for Residents and Non-Residents to work together in the name of habitat conservation. Let's challenge ourselves with the goal of getting to the $500 Wetland Complex level. All individuals who donate at least $25 will receive a 1 year membership in Delta Waterfowl

We'd like to receive all donations by May 31, 2003. 100% of the money raised will go to Delta Waterfowl, so nobody on this site has a vested interest other than to protect wetland habitat. Please forward this to anybody that you think could be a potential contributor.

Please send donations to (make check payable to Delta Waterfowl):
Tim Morris
3662 Evergreen Rd NE
Fargo, ND 58102
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If you wish to remain anonomous, or use your handle, or real name is up to you. (tmorrie is sworn to secrecy) :wink:

He will need your snail mail address to receive a newsletter - Hat & Decal (maybe we can get a duck call out of the deal too ???)

Send $25 - $50 -$100 or more (any amount)

You do not have to be from NoDak to participate in this Great project

You can even pay by Credit Card ... onate.html

I wonder does anyone have lands with potholes they could / should get enrolled in Deltas Adopt A Pothole Program ??? It sure would be a great way for the land owner to make some $$$ & hopefully keep their lands open for Hunting & see some improvements done to help waterfowl at the same time ???

I'm hoping we can get together & do some volunteer work on our potholes. This could be a way to proactively help North Dakotas wetlands stay open to all. (Improve Access) ???

Hopefully many others around the State will do the same - Delta is really a GREAT Program.

Thank You !!! :thumb:
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Lets list the names - & the total

Maybe it will help reach our goal for a complex ???

How about a raffle ??? I got a 4 year old 1/2 yellow lab 1/2 golden retriver that hates water - (but has a fansastic nose) & would really love to hunt squirls :roll: - Nicest pet a person could have :D Anyone want a ticket on her ???
So where are we at ???

Has anyone heard from Delta ???

I get the feeling they don't want to have a close connection between potholes & donars ???

Ken did you ever get any answers to your questions ???
Your Spinning again on the DU point of view (But thats Normal) Lets leave the DU crap out of this

I think we should hold back this money until we hear who & where our pothole will be & how the landowner feels about all this

All in favor say I ???

especially in light of this Nelson county BS
I see Deltas new goals as a significant difference

I think many thought this was a good Idea if we had a relationship with the pothole owner (maybe do some volunteer work etc. to improve it) But if were just paying a landowner who leases his land, or is anti open hunting of non posted land - then I want a refund
It was never intended to be a
a private Nodak Outdoors hunting area either.

But the original idea was to work with a cooperative landowner (at least moderate) & then perhaps this could help us evolve into a online chapter (if possible) ???

But you seem to have taken over & now will just give it away - like any other chapter - I thought being were here, in the pothole region, we could do something special. To be honest - I would not give a dime to any landowner that would not be open to these ideas. Just to have him get money for nothing.
Do they allow hunting ???

Will they let us come there & improve the site ???

Do they hunt ???

Do they let anyone hunt ???

Can we or they contact them & ask some questions ???

If the one near Warwick - is who I think it is - he does not allow anyone to hunt but close friends & family & I'm not sure even that ???

It has been a Delta project for a long time - even the Fuge & the old TDB had it at one time.

I was asked to go & take pictures & inspect it. - It is awesome & that area produces alot of ducks - but they never -before or after- have allowed many, if any, to hunt. & they own a lot of prime wetlands. & I met with them several times & they knew I was one of the contributors - They seems shocked someone actually came to see it. & after a couple visits & asking to hunt some of their land they seemed less than thankful I was there or lived up here ???

Is this in Nelson County ???

It would be nice to help & support someone who supports us - & hunters need to start being this way - on more & more of the things we do & purchase & donate to. I got some prime hunting lined up when I bought a new camper trailer this spring - I may never use it or go there - (in a heavily posted area) but I made it part of the final closer on the deal (thru several contacts on the purchase - when I was shopping around) This guy now rents his land & never gave it much thought who was using it or not - Left that up to the renter - But it gave me a opportunity to discuss what was happening in the region (Leasing & commercial & FB) & the politics of hunting in recent years. I was surprised he was mostly pro freelance - but had not gave it alot of thought. --- I don't think a lot of the actual owners know what has been happening in the last 10 years or less. He was more upset that it has caused such bad feelings between folks who used to be one & the same.

& I don't need another place to hunt - I have hunted that area for 30 years. & now mostly only hunt by boat.
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any update to this ???

Will I always be a guest ???
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