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Up for sale is a LEE LOAD ALL II this package has everything you need to reload your own shotshell, the reloader can reload 2 3/4, 3, 3 1/2 with ease this reloader is set for 12 gauge but can do 10, 16,28 and even .410 with conversion kits you can purchase from lee load. Package includes
-Lee Load ALL II reloading press (has all the bushings and this thing as realoaded maybe 5 boxes of shells)
-5 boxes of winchester 209 primers
-8 oz can of IMR HI-SKOR 800-x
-NTC 122 2 3/4 unslitted wads
-Sam I slitted Wads 3 1/2
- NTC wad slitter
- About 150 empty hulls
- About 5lbs of BB shot

I mean we have everything guys

Price: 100 for all of it you pay shipping (FIRM) (price change)
I will also take trades for Ice house's and ice fishing equipment


Disclaimer: I take no responsibility after reloader leaves my possesion on the quailty of reloads or how the person reloads there shotshells. ( just trying to cover my *** if some dumby happens to buy this and decides to blow up a car or something)

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Ill give you $50 for it ?
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