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We set about 200 goose decoys last Friday morning. It was 17 degrees with a 20 mile an hour wind. Ooowee. It was cold.

We should have tried a tilled field rather than unplowed wheat stubble. The wheat stubble field was froze solid. I knew there was no way the Northwinds could be stuck into the field. I thought I might be able to push or pound in the metal stakes of the Last Looks. No way. Just like a rock.

So we laid the Last Looks on the stubble. To my surprize, only about 10% of them flipped over in the wind. The metal stakes were enough dead weight to hold most of them down. We were able to pound some conduit in the stubble to hold the goose magnets and some flags.

Even the Final Approach blinds did not keep us very warm that morning. We only lasted about an hour and a half. Did not see a duck and the honkers ignored us. Season over!!! Froze out.
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