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Snow geese remain

south of N.D.

North Dakota's spring snow goose season may be open according to
the calendar, but hunters seeking the elusive white geese will have
to head south to find any hunting opportunities. The spring light
goose season opened Friday.

According to Roger Hollevoet, project leader of the U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service's Devils Lake Wetland Management District, the first
migrating birds were trickling into southern South Dakota south of
Interstate 90 as of midweek. And with the recent cold weather, the
geese probably won't be heading north in any big numbers for a few
days yet.

Lack of snowfall also could make this spring's snow goose hunt a
challenge for North Dakota hunters, Hollevoet said. During previous
springs, the best success has come when the geese hit a "snow
line" on their northward migration, keeping them in one area for a
longer period of time.

"They're going to keep moving as far north as they can until
something holds them up," Hollevoet said. "I would say it might be
less concentrated hunting than those years where we do have a real
good snow line or ice line. It could be more difficult."

Again this year, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department is
providing hunters with migration updates for the season. Hunters
can call (701) 328-3697 - FATFOXS - to hear recorded information 24
hours a day until the season ends or geese have left the state. As of
Friday, most of the light geese were in the Nebraska-Kansas area,
with only a few in southern South Dakota, the report said.

The spring season for light geese - the collective name for snow,
blue and Ross' geese - is part of a federal conservation order
designed to help trim overabundant populations of the birds. The
spring light goose season in North Dakota is open through May 12.
Contact a district Game and Fish office, the Bismarck office at (701)
328-6300 or check out the Web site at for
more information on spring light goose regulations.
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