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I have recently joined this forum and have found it very informative since most of my interests are hunting. primarilly anything that flies that is legal to hunt!ducks, geese,snipe,rail,woodcock,no coots,pheasant,huns,grouse,quail,dove,crow,etc.and I do my share of other game too. The question I have though is WHAT DEMAGRAPHIC DOES THE FORUM TARGET? I notice some are primarily targeted on the going ons in ND. I havent had an op to hunt in ND and would like to some day but I sometimes feel hesitant because being a NR I would hate to have someone look down on me because they dont want me there! I am a very ethical hunter. respecting private property, asking permission.CLEANING UP AFTER MY HUNT-SHELL CASINGS,ETC. OBEYING HUNTING REGS,ETC. I currently hunt IA, MN, SD, and AZ and have been welcomed well. so far I havent met anybody that was an [email protected]#$%&. but have respected those that did not want to grant permission.Anyway the other categories have been a blast to check out and I will continue to be a part of them, so if anyone can comment I would apreciate that and any other ?s I have I' be sure to ask! Thanks FACE
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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