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I am offering here first in the Dakotas, price is firm, and only a face to face sale.
I want to sell this Rifle to someone that will cherish it. I have the right not to sell
if I want.

For Sale: .22 Magnum, Marlin 1894M .22 Mag Lever Action, uncheckered straight
hand grip stock and forearm, tubular magazine feed under the barrel. 95% or more
bluing, very good condition. This Rifle looks like any other Marlin 1894 heavily
built and square style bolt.

This Marlin 1894M .22 Magnum is rare, only 12,000 made (ref: my "big book of
Marlin"), discontinued in 1989. I've only seen a few on the Gun Auction sites since
I got mine in 1996. I know of only one other here in the Black Hills.

This Marlin 1894M .22 Mag is not perfect. It was used by previous owner.
When I bought it, I immaculately cleaned it inside and out. Lever linkage and
mechanism is excellent. Nylon guide for the bullet feed to the chamber is not broken,
it is in excellent condition. I have only took it out to the range once to try it out,
many years ago when bought.
Action and feeding of .22 Mag cartridges work without any problems.
Bore is in excellent condition like other .22s that have been fired.
This Marlin 1894M is accurate.

There is a cheap small (5") 4X scope mounted on it, with the metal rail base mount
that Marlin supplies with their .22s. Much to my dissatisfaction the Rear Sight
and Front Sight were missing. I have replaced the Front Sight with what looks
original for that manufacture timeframe.

Butt stock and forearm are original with no sling swivels. There are some scrapes
on the wood finish in a few places. Marlin Bullseye on Butt toe.

There is of course, no box / papers / manual.
Several boxes of ammo go with it.

This Marlin 1894M has sat in my gun cabinet for years, just admired once in a
while, and wiped down.

Price is $400 cash USD non-negotiable. I am in no hurry to sell because I want
this rare Marlin 1894M .22 Mag. to go to someone that will take care of it and
cherish it. If no buyer, it will be used as trade for recent gun purchase and never
to be bought to sale or seen again.

I am driving to Aberdeen, SD the week of Thanksgiving. Making my way up toward
Leola, SD (Ellendale, ND area).

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I wish I was in the market for this gun. I feel the same way about my guns. I would want all of them to go to good homes if I was unable to pass them to my son. I also love Marlins and have a decent collection of them. I wish you and this fine weapon luck in your search.

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Hello everyone,

I have found a Marlin Rear Sight for the Marlin 1894M 22Mag.
Went to Jack First Gun Parts and Gunsmithing.

They have two part numbers for the Sight (One for the 1894M and just
the regular 1894s). The Sights look identical.

So the Rear Sights are available, and I'm researching which is correct.

Just FYI.

Thanks now.

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Thank you for the nice replies.

It is really a nice Marlin and would make some owner that want
something a little bigger then a .22LR and nice collector.

A nice Christmas gift

I will still try to sell in the Dakota's first and then use as trade here in
Rapid City, SD.

See yeaw

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Hey, there's a Marlin 1894M 22Mag on Gun Broker Dot Com.

I have not seen one there for a long time.

I think mines nicer for the price and will make someone a very special
Christmas gift or complete a Marlin collection.
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