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These are some of the best decoys around for 'moving water' on those calm mornings. I've got an extra set that I don't use, so I'll sell it. Consists of 1 (full body floater) decoy that houses the rechargeable battery (Comes w/charger) and contains the control switch/pulsator for the system. THere's a pumper motor that's attached to this decoy, so it will move water in your decoy spread. Also, it comes with another duck butt decoy that has a pumper motor on it and this can be put elsewhere in your spread and the cord is run back to the 'mother/battery' decoy where it plugs into. The duck butt oscillates and wiggles when it pulsates/moves water and looks like a feeder. This system is built along the lines of the commercially produced "duk-butt" system, but is more convenient with the battery/power supply out in the decoy set-----no long wire to have to run back to the boat or blind. I'll ship it for $125.00, which is close to the costs incurred building it. You'll love the way they work and are the best water motion decoys I've seen. (I sold all my other types!)
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