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Food plots

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Just finished planting 12 food plots.

Eight 5 acre plots of sorghum & millet mixed

500# Grain Sorghum $275.00
300# Siberian Millet $144.00

Four 5 acre plots of corn

5 Bushels corn seed $167.50

Diesel Fuel

312 gallons $437.00

New tree planting started

600 Rocky Mountain Juiper
150 Chokecherry
150 Plum
100 Red Osier Dogwood $478.00
50 Sargeant Crab
50 Caragana

Seeing a hen pheasant on a nest with 17 eggs, in a tree planting you have personally planted, watered, and cultivated, PRICELESS!!!

There are an unbelievable amount of deer out there again this year.
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You may still be able to try millet. I'm planning on broadcasting a llittle around the edges of the corn plot next week.

I've thought about Seabuckthorn but not tried it. Do you have it anywhere else? I see the nursery in Towner has it so will take a look at it for next year.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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