Fishing the Midwest ON ICE will debut on televisions across the Ice-Belt beginning the first weekend of December. Fishing the Midwest ON ICE will air on network affiliates and major cable networks according to Bob Jensen and Mike Frisch, the co-hosts of Fishing the Midwest On ICE. Fishing the Midwest ON ICE is an extension of the long-running and very popular Fishing the Midwest Television Series. Fishing the Midwest ON ICE will run for four(4) weeks. The thirteen(13) week run of Fishing the Midwest will begin the first weekend in January and will also include ice-fishing segments.

"Ice-fishing is getting more popular every year, and the Midwest offers some of the best ice-fishing in the world". Jensen commented.

ice-fishingFrisch added, "On Fishing the Midwest ON ICE we'll reveal ice-fishing locations that offer tremendous fishing, but we'll also reveal techniques and products that will help ice-anglers catch more fish and will make their ice-fishing experience more enjoyable".

Fishing the Midwest is recognized as a leader in fishing education and entertainment in the field of outdoor communications and reaches more anglers in its area of influence than any other fishing communication entity. In addition to hosting an award-winning television series, Bob Jensen is a book author, produces a syndicated weekly fishing column, and an outdoor radio show.

Mike Frisch is an outdoor writer, seminar speaker, fishing guide, and the founder of School of Fish. School of Fish is the leader in hands-on fishing instruction focusing on youth. Fishing the Midwest is sponsored by the most progressive fishing equipment and marine suppliers in the world. To find out where you can see Fishing the Midwest ON ICE and Fishing the Midwest, go to