By Chris Hustad

This type of bird cleaning is best used for ducks, snow geese, lessor Canada geese, and upland game. The process of breasting the bird and packaging takes about 3-4 minutes/bird. It's a great way to do large numbers at a time. I learned this years back and have been using it ever since.

Lay the bird on the ground breast up

Place one foot right above the breast to secure the neck, and secure the other foot on the hind end. The bird should be completely pinned down leaving the breast exposed.

The next part is up to you. You can either pull away the skin first, or do it with the skin on like shown in the picture. I recommend pulling away the skin first to expose the bare breast.

Stick 3 fingers in the body cavity from the bottom, and stick 3 fingers on your other hand underneath the top of the breast (through the neck).

With your feet still pinning down the bird, rip up on the breast and pull it away from the rest of the bird.

You should have just the whole breast with both wings attached. If you haven't taken the skin and feathers yet, you may do so now. Simply clip a wing, and rinse and it's ready to be packaged for legal transport. You can cut off the legs with the remains of the body and discard the rest.

We recommend writing the bird description and date on the bag for identity. I've found it to be the best cleaning method for small to medium sized birds.