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So guys I am looking for a new flasher. I have it narrowed down to three. Its either a Vexilar fl-18, Marcum VX-1P, or a Humminbird ice 45. Here are my thoughts on each:

Marcum VX-1P- great options for the price. They are also very crisp. The soft bag is nice. I found them on sale for 250 online. I have heard that the newer Marcums have had some problems though. I know several people that had multiple things go wrong. Also they only have the 20 degree transducer. This isn't too big of a deal but sometimes fish around 60 feet or around other people.

Vexilar Fl-18- It has the features I want. It has the option of being upgraded such as tribeam and things a long that line. Also the fact that they are bulletproof. The thing I don't like is the price (400 on sale). I am a college student so this is a big factor. It seems to be the same as the Marcum. I have also heard they pick up a lot of interference from Marcums (one fishing buddy has a Marcum).

Bird ice 45- I like that it comes with the dual beam transducer. I also like the screen (digital depth readout and size). The price is the same as the Vex. Also have heard they have some bad lemons that people get. I have also heard they don't "play well with other birds". I have a friend who fishes with one so I don't want a lot of interference.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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