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Early Duck Opener?

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The Forum this morning had an article concerning the fact that the G&F department is not issuing waterfowl licenses by the internet as in the past. At least not yet.
Evidently they are looking into options that relate to the issues that have been brought forward lately.

The reporter stated that they may not open it a week early because of the flack they received with the pheasant season when they tried to open it a week early. Evidently the Forum or the reporter still hasn't got it yet. The resident sportsman were not totaly against opening the season early, they were against the way the gov. tried to ram it down their throats with out their input.

Question? If they open the waterfowl season a week early, which would be great so we can get at the teal and wood ducks before they leave in the Fall, would the pheasant season automatically be a week early also as it would fall 2 weeks after the duck opener?
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The Forum didn't go into that amount of detail. Not surising though, as their Outdoors section really leaves something to be desired. The Forum has tried to copy the Star Tribune as of late and have more of what I would call human interest stories, like fly fishing in chile, hiking, and hunting in Africa. Nice to read but the average guy will never be able to experience.
All the hunting and fishing features are in the Sunday edition but the Forum put this article on the inside of the Monday edition where most guys won't see it.
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