By PJ Maguire

Snow goose decoys have been tested the most with the new UV decoy paint.

Every year waterfowl hunters are bombarded with new equipment and ideas. As waterfowlers there is a lot of stuff we need in order to pursue ducks and geese. A wise goose hunter once told me that in order to be successful, you have to lead the pack and not follow. Since then I have made it a habit to try new ideas and keep up on what is new in the world of duck and goose hunting.

Recently there has been a wave on talk on hunting websites about a product that could drastically change waterfowl hunting. A product that would change waterfowling forever, like the goose flag or the duck spinner. Have you heard of it? It is a new paint for decoys.

This product is called UVision Decoy Paint. The paint gives your decoys the appearance of UV or ultraviolet rays. Hunters have known for along time that birds can see the reflection of UV clothing. This is why field hunters must mud their field blinds before using them and why I do not wash my duck and goose hunting clothes with laundry detergent.

The new thought is that not only can ducks and geese see UV reflection on humans, but their feathers project UV rays as well. By painting your decoys with this paint or buying decoys with it, you can add realism to your spread. The realism comes from your decoys actually projecting the UV that real ducks and geese have.

Humans have only three primary colors in their vision and none of these primary colors are in the ultraviolet wavelength. Birds have four primary colors and the fourth color is in the ultraviolet wavelength. That is why birds can see ultraviolet rays and humans cannot.

The UVision website explains that the UV reflection shows the best on the lighter or white parts of bird feathers. This makes hunting with the UV paint particularly important when hunting the wise snow goose. Cheek patches and tails of Canada geese could also be painted for added realism. One could also paint the white or light parts of ducks.

When everything comes together, snow goose hunting looks easy but thats far from the norm

The sun is the main source of ultraviolet rays, which are an invisible form of light reflection. This could be one piece of the puzzle for why duck hunters are more successful on cloudy days. Like I said, one piece of the puzzle for we all know that there are multiple factors that make waterfowl hunts on cloudy days more successful.

The UVision paint was tested this past spring during the Conservation Season for snow geese. Snow geese are notoriously known for being difficult birds to decoy. According to a few of my friends, and some testimonials on the UVision website, some hunters had high success rates with the new paint on their snow goose decoys. However decoying ducks and geese still is hunting and you will have good and bad days. It will be interesting to see how this new product tested out this fall.

I have yet to hunt under a spread with this new paint and I do not work for the parties involved. The reason why I write an article like this is to keep waterfowlers informed. By staying on top of what is new, hopefully you can lead rather than follow. As for me, I will be heading out this fall with the same decoys I have harvested birds over for years. If I thought this was going to be the next big thing, I would have painted my decoys and kept it to myself.