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Duck Opener Results

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<This Post is from 2002...scroll down for the 2005 opener>

This weekend was almost perfect. More ducks than I've seen in years, and no hunting pressure. I hadn't hunted this particular area for 5 years, due to the crowding and leasing...but this weekend it was like the 5 years had never passed. Everyone I talked to did very well.

The drake mallards needed some color on their heads, but their breasts were dark enough. After sunup, picking them out was no problem.

We started with a canada goose hunt Friday morning. We were done shooting by 7:40, and were able to start scouting by 8:30. A great closing to the early canada season!

We scouted a bunch of spots and decicded on one for Saturday morning. It was the member's hunt, and we had 5 teams take the field and sloughs for some friendly competition. Points were scored on species and whether or not they were fact, you got 5x the points for a drake over a hen. We saw a lot of nice bags...and we thought we had a winner.

Matt Jones' crew pulled in just minutes before the deadline and took it home big time. I'll have more specifics on a column in the next few days....I'll have the photos available then.

We didn't do very well Saturday morning. We had a perfect duck slough and ended up set up away from it on the hill for canadas. We decided to start over Saturday night and headed out with my family and their crew. We got to hunt a spot that was leased up 6 years ago, and was my favorite duck spot growing up...but it was left open for the resident's opener and it was a real treat to hunt again!

Sunday morning, I teamed up with a different group and had a blast. We set up with the Big Eddy crew and had an nice and easy water setup. Good shooting without breaking your back. Pulled out a lot of nice greenies. A great way to end the weekend.

There's no way any duck weekend will be as good as this one. Now I need to try to catch up on sleep for the next week. :thumb:
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Glad that you guys had a good time. It would have been fun to go had I not made plans previously. The duck hunting this weekend was pretty good really. Our group did not limit out but we sure could have. Somethig very strange is happening to the 4 of us. We don't seem to have the lust to kill like we used to. I know that at least 10 flocks came in and we didn't shoot when they were at 10 yards. We all just sat and watched. The drakes in the area that we hunted were not very colored at all. I can honestly say that I didn't see more than two drakes that had green heads all weekend. The only way that I could tell drakes was the brown on the chest that seems to develop first. We did call in 4 different flocks of geese on Sunday. Which I thought was pretty good considering the geese had not ever used that field this season. I saw a few snow geese and a whole bunch of cranes this weekend too. Overall it was a good weekend to relax and enjoy life. :beer:
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