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Duck Decoys, Does a mixed bag work better ?

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I have only mallard decoys in my waterfowl hunting setup. Is there any benefit to using a mixed bag such as putting some pintail and gadwall and or whatever else in with the spread ? What has worked for any of you in the past ?
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A mechanical duck woud be good if you can use them where you hunt.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Never hurts to add size to your spread.
I recommend adding some variety to your spread. The addition of a Pintail or a few Teal will help draw in weary birds. Motorized decoys are excellent if you can use them. If you hunt an area where you may see Bluebills or Ringnecks, the addition of a few Bluebill decoys will add some flavor to your spread as well, but space them away from your normal puddle duck decoys.
I would just use big foots decoys(honkers). That is all I use and I hunt ducks alot they are my first choice, and honkers second. Snows used to be my first choice but since they arent coming down in the season for more than a couple weeks, I choose to hunt ducks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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