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Duck calls

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I noticed the post on goose calls and figured, "Why not?". :)

What kind of duck calls is everyone using, in the field and on the stage, if applicable?

Have a cold one on me! :beer:

Just don't have too many! :puke:

Bwahahahahahaha :)
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I'm blowing a Hadels red leg's. I think it is the best cheap call going. I consider 0-30 cheap 30- 100 midrange 100-- expensive. It is a double reed so it is easy to use. I used to blow a single reed as a kid. Ken Martin call I still have it. I am going to try a Doc Hull Susie. Its about 70.00 in wood maybe 100 in acrylic. It won't be this year. I think I have spent my quota. Good Luck
prairie hunter has it correct the spelling and his opinion on the call. GoodLuck
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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