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Responding with a drake call seems to help finish birds that are being a bit skitish. When to use it is when the birds are in close, but not close enough. Had a single drake work the decoys on Sunday, and had him make a couple passes getting a bit farther out each time. Put down the other calls and picked up my whistle. He made a swing locked up and died!

Having started using this a few years back, it seems that using it in these types of situations has produced the best results. If they are commited and coming no calling either with a whistle or hen call is needed. Try it out work with it and you will find what and when works best for you. I have a few pintail decoys in the spread and will switch to the whistle alternating between mallard drake and pintail. If you listen to the ducks as they are working the decoys most times all you hear is the drake mallard not the hens.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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