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If any of you folks are in need of a e-caller Iwould build one rather than buy one! You can take an old car stereo and build one that will knock the socks of anything that you can buy! If the stereo has a amp in it you wont believe the volume. Here is what we did. Made a small plywood box sized to fit the stereo and a battery. The battery may be a small closed cell or you may use a motorcyle or other small battery. Go to the electronics store and buy 2 horn type speakers. mount these on the carring box. Put a strap on the box for packing into the field. The horns are about 25.00 each battery 35;00 We had the stereo so only 85;00 in the whole deal. This will turn geese that are amile away. My store bought caller does not even come close to my home made unit! Good Luck
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