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Are you giving a lot of positive reinforcement. It's important for a young dog to hear real excitement in your voice. If you were spoiled by the performance of the dog in the previous year you may have lost the true excitement that comes with seeing your dog do what it was bred to do. If that's not the case, try working with another hunting dog owner and let your dog watch the other dog at first. That usually works my dog into a frenzy waiting for her turn. Once you build the excitement train until your dog starts getting disintristed. In warm months it isn't uncommon for me to do 2 or 3 short field sessions in a day instead of one longer one. Keep it fun for you and the dog. Also remember to train without harsh commands or strong physical correction because a vizsla has a more sensitive temperment and can be damaged if trained too harshly. They thrive on attention and interaction. They also have a high motor and like to be challenged. They can get depressed if they don't get enough exercise and attention. They are a fantastic dog (and beautiful) and will give you many years of hunting companionship. Good luck.
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