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Dick posted this on the other ND site :

House Bill 1468 will be reintroduced in the 2003 session. It allows two five periods on a NR upland license, the days to be used in any combination, and the license sold at an increased price. Multiple licenses could be purchased. Rep. Todd Porter, R. Mandan is the sponser. He has been a positive advocate for North Dakota and it's people.

While a step in the right direction, a one only, three five day period NR license to be used in Sept., Oct., Nov., or Dec. would be a better law. 1468 penalizes the average NR pheasant hunter but is no imposition to the wealthy NR who is buying and leasing North Dakota farmland for private use.

As goatboy said in a previous post, the NR purchase of farmland will hurt everybodys hunting opportunities; and I believe it is hurting agriculture as well thruogh increased cash rents and inflated land values. In some areas cash rent is jumping $15 per acre on surrounding property, and $200 or more above the going purchase price.

Dick Monson | Jan 01, 2003 11:08 AM

Good points and Dick I agree ... this simply plays into NRs buying more and more land. If you want to place a 10 day or 15 day limit on NR hunting upland than do not let money buy your way out.

You guys watch the bills closely. Blink and an amendment could be added to allocate licenses to guides, NR landowners, same for waterfowl, add no tresspass ... etc... Bills will change as they move through.

$$$ will try, but does not have to win.
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