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Devil's lake outlet permit

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The comment period for the DL outlet permit has been extended. This is actually an important issue as the outlet has a huge potential to screw up everything from drinking water, fishing, and riparian environment all the way north to Winnepeg.

Can any of the G&F folks here tell us more about the potential impact and all the unknowns? Perhaps this even warrants an email alert. We all care about preserving the environment.

You can see the application and can offer a comment here: ... rgePermit/

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I'm not sure if I'm for or against this ??? Seems kinda late to spend all that money - But if this wet cycle is not over - something has to be done - or else alot more will have to be spent & maybe even move the city of DL & alot more towns & people & farms - roads - bridges etc. etc etc.
Coot you could end up in a boat after all :D

It is ironic that those that have posted & leased the most in the past, may be some of the most in need of support ??? Wonder if those that led the charge will remember this ??? :roll: - I won't mention names :roll: Not to mention how all the government moneys have already enhanced their present day operations :eyeroll:

& how all the draining in the past has contributed to the problem. :eyeroll:

That green on that flood map sure looks to be ducky to me (& don't ya just love those meandering water laws :D

Does the quote "you get what you give" ring a bell ???
I think that is when the flow starts into Stump - elev. (happening now) The natural flow out of stump & into the Sheyenne river is much higher & many Millions of dollars later. - the +1460

When stump gets full, thats when the poop hits the fan & they will get the water down stream, if they like it or not & they should be preparing for it infastructure wise - & imagine the millions it will take to solve all the other problems that will cause. Seems to me a slow drain from the better water part of the lake would be much prefered ???

Can you imagine them trying to do the Pick Sloan deal, for the Dams on the Missouri today - NO WAY !!! the days of grand scale projects must be over ??? & that is why this one is such a nightmare.

Keep in mind this is just the States plan the Corp. of Engineers has another (much bigger) :roll:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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