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Early ice was really good this year for us when we were out perch fishing with lots of numbers and then when we had the big temperature changes and high winds it seemed to shut the bite down for a few days afterward. Last ice produced some really nice size perch for us, a 2.1 and a 2.4 lb perch the same day and then the biggest this spring was a 2.9 lb perch. You don't see many of these anymore like we use to in the 80's. But a 1.5 lb perch is a big perch. Once in the 80's, there was four of us in our house a hundred yards of to the side of a large group of anglers and at noon it started, we weighed over 80 perch that went over 2 lbs. I have never seen anything even close to that since. We caught all those pigs on a bare hook and a minnow and brought them up hand over hand, we had to feel the bites in our hands cause we always missed them when just watching our bobbers.

I like to concentrate my late ice perch fishing at the point where the sand and gravel meet a weed bed in 6 to 12 feet of water.
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