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Fishing this past week has remained fairly good. With the warmer weather water
temps are rising and the fish are moving into deeper water. Walleye anglers
have been using slip bobbers tipped with leeches and crawlers in the trees near
the Mauvee, Monkey Ridge, Holy Bay, Old Mil, Creel Bay, and Foughty's Point.
Other anglers have been trolling the 14-24 foot range with smaller cranks such
as #5 shad raps, #4 &#5 jointed shad raps, and other smaller cranks with lead
core. The better areas for this have been the Gap area between the Flats and
Oswalds Bay, the area in front of the Minnewaukan boat ramp, along Hwy 57 near
Ft. Totten, and the Stromme Addition area. Anglers are also working rocky
points with spinners and bottom bouncers. The better areas for this have been
the golden highway, Haley's Hump, Patience Point, Scooters Point, Rocky Point,
the Cactus/Ft. Totten area, and Black Tiger Bay. Some anglers are still
cranking the shallows, but the bite tends to be early in the morning and later
in the evening. When cranking try to work the open pockets in weedbeds. Some
good areas for cranking are Pelican Lake, Old Mill & New Mill, Penny Bay, and
Skadsen's Bay. Pike continue to be caught in most all areas of the lake. The
pike appear to have moved deeper as well and most anglers are reporting the
better fishing coming from the rockier areas such as the Golden Highway,
Patience Point, Cactus/Ft. Totten Point, the north end of Creel and Six Mile
Bays, and for shore fisherman the bridge areas. White bass are being caught by
boaters in Pelican Lake and the shallower bays in East Bay, but action is
sporadic. Perch fishing remains almost non-existent at this time. Based on
past years, their summer bite usually doesn't start until mid to late July.
Good luck and have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July
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