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Ice conditions on the lake continue to hold up fairly well despite the recent
warm weather. The main ice sheet is still in good shape but the edges are
starting to deteriorate. Vehicle traffic is not recommended, but anglers using
atv's, snowmobiles, or walking out shouldn't have a problem. Fishing on the
other hand remains hit and miss. Some perch are being caught in Black Tiger,
the Casino area, and the mouth of Creel Bay. Anglers are using hali's, genz
worms, small raps, or hanger rigs tipped with wax worms, spikes, minnow heads,
or perch eyes. Walleye fishing remains fair with fish being caught near the
sunken Black Tiger road, Foughty's Point, East Bay near the East Bay boat
landing, Mission Bay, the north end of Six Mile Bay, and the Mauvee Coulee
area. Sonars, raps, nils masters, chubby darters, buckshot rattle spoons, and
rocker minnows are all producing some fish. Try fishing structure or just off
the edges of the trees. Pike fishing remains fairly good in most parts of the
lake with the Mauvee and Six Mile areas producing the best. Good Luck & Good
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