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Devils Lake Fishing Report 7/18 Ed's Bait

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Fishing on Devils Lake continues to be quite good. Walleye anglers are
trolling cranks, bottom bouncers w/spinners, and slip bobbering the trees. The
best trolling areas for cranks have been the old lagoon walls and hump out from
the Minnewaukan boat ramp, the Gap area, east of Monkey Ridge, the south shore
of the Main Bay, the Stromme Addition area, and Foughty's Point. Anglers are
using #4, #5, & #7 jointed raps, #5 and #7 raps, walleye divers, and deep
little rippers off leadcore. Best colors have been firetiger, silver/blue, red
craw, and red head (divers/rippers). Those using bottom bouncers and spinners
have been working the outer edges of trees, the old 21-24 foot shoreline, and
rocky points. The best areas for this have been the hump out from Minnewaukan,
Windsor Island, the Golden highway, Patience Point, the west shore of Six Mile
Bay, Cactus/Ft. Totten Point, Stromme Addition, and Foughty's Point. For slip
bobbering, try the trees near Monkey Ridge, the Howard Farm, west of Haley's,
Patience Point, Stromme Addition, and Foughty's Point. Pike continue to be
caught in most areas of the lake with old sunken points of Bud, Patience, Ft.
Totten/Cactus, and Foughty's being the better areas. Bottom bouncers with
spinners or deep trolling cranks has worked the best. Bass have been tough to
find with only some scattered fish being caught. Perch fishing remains slow,
but a few anglers have started to report catching some fish in Six Mile and
Creel Bays. This Sunday is the Lake Region Anglers annual Adult Child fishing
outing. Hours are from 9:00am - 3:00pm at the Grahams Island State Park. For
more info call us at Ed's or check with any of the LRAA board members. Good
Luck and Good
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Fished on Sunday, dropped at Grahams Island. Lots and lots of little walleyes, didn't hear of much size being caught anywhere. Spinners/crawlers
Is there any place around devils lake that I can take my kids fishing from shore? I will be stopping for a couple of days on my way to montana to camp and thoughjt that it might work out if there was any place to fish from shore
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