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Devils Lake Fishing Report 2/28/03

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Perch fishing on the lake continues to be up and down. Anglers are finding
fairly good fishing one day and tough conditions the next. Anglers are
catching quite a few smaller perch, but finding numbers of keepers has been
difficult. The best spots this past week have been the Main Bay in front of
Camp Grafton, Rocky Point and the Towers area. Other spots producing some fish
are the Woods Rutten area, out deep from Haybale Bay, Foughty's Point, and in
East Bay in front of the Camp entrance. Try using Hali's or hanger rigs with
ratfinkies tipped with wax worms, spikes, minnow heads, or perch eyes. Walleye
fishing's also been having it's ups and downs with the best times being early
morning and right at dusk. Spots producing fish are the bridges of 57 & 20,
the north end of Six Mile Bay, the trees by the Casino, the Ft. Totten area,
Patience Point, and the Mauvee Coulee area. Try using sonars, buckshot rattle
spoons, nils masters, or jigging raps tipped with minnows or minnow heads.
Pike fishing continues to be somewhat slow with the best action coming from Old
Mil Bay, Bud Bay, the north end of Creel and Six Mile Bays, most anywhere in
the Flats, and the old Stromme Road. Try using smelt, herring, or large
minnows with tip ups. There's some snow on the ice limiting travel somewhat,
but the Lake Access Committee has a great trail system that still lets you get
around. Good Luck & Good
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