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"The New Orleans Saints, which has three players facing four-game suspensions due to testing positive for water pills, isn't the only team feeling the heat of possibly losing multiple Pro Bowlers.

FOX Sports has learned that both of the Minnesota Vikings' Pro Bowl defensive tackles, Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, are also facing suspensions for testing positive for the same product. Losing one of the Williams would be a major blow to the Vikings but to possibly lose both would serve as a major blow to the NFC North contenders.

The Williams aren't the only defensive tackles facing the penalty as well. FOX Sports has also learned that the Falcons' Grady Jackson tested positive for the water pill and is facing a four-game ban just like the other players who are currently fighting the suspension.

This trio joins, among others, Saints players Deuce McAllister, Charles Grant and Will Smith. But those aren't the only Saints to get caught in this growing web. It turns out, Saints guard Jamar Nesbit had also tested positive for the pill but he took his four-game suspension a month ago. His test, according to sources, came back earlier than the others.

The fact that Nesbit has already taken a four-game ban does not bode well for the remaining players who are attempting to fight their pending suspensions. " ... 65477.html

"On their only week off during the regular season, the Vikings might have suffered a big hit to their playoff hopes with news that they could be without two of their best players for a significant stretch.

Defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams are facing four-game suspensions after testing positive for a banned diuretic, according to a Fox Sports report.

Because of NFL confidentiality policies, the Pioneer Press could not independently verify or disprove the report. An NFL spokesman had no comment Sunday, and Vikings spokesman Bob Hagan said the team does not comment on matters involving the league's policy on steroids and related substances.

Many questions remained unanswered Sunday, but today the Vikings reconvene after their bye week, dealing with a potential distraction as they prepare for the second half of the season.

Asked about the report, Pat Williams' agent, Angelo Wright, said he has "launched an investigation into the allegations and will respond upon our findings."

Later Sunday evening, Wright declined to elaborate but indicated he was not worried about the Fox report and said he was confident Pat Williams' playing status would not be affected.

Kevin Williams and his agent, Tom Condon, did not return messages seeking comment.

The Vikings began the season as some experts' pick to win the NFC North and reach the Super Bowl. If the defensive tackles are suspended, the Vikings would have a difficult obstacle to overcome, given that they are off to a disappointing 3-4 start.

Fox reported that Kevin Williams and Pat Williams tested positive for water pills, which can have legitimate medical applications. The pills can cause weight loss through increased urination. They also can be used to mask steroid or drug use.

The report stated the Vikings' veterans had appeals scheduled for last week that were pushed back. If the Fox report is accurate and appeals have been delayed, it's possible Kevin Williams and Pat Williams could play Sunday against the Houston Texans. The two are critical to the Vikings' defense, especially against the run, because of their massive size, strength and skill.

The Vikings are not the only team facing possible suspensions. A Denver television station reported Friday that there were six to 10 positive tests in the NFL for a weight-loss diuretic. That group of players reportedly includes New Orleans' Deuce McAllister, Charles Grant and Will Smith, and Atlanta's Grady Jackson. "

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I read online that one of the players in question had sent a sample to the NFL and they approved it. Apparently there are already lawsuits being filed against the pharmecutical that put this out because they didn't put all the ingredients in the recipe.

This only makes sense to me because Gooddell loves suspending players, and I applaude him for doing so, so you know there has to be something they are not releasing to the public.
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