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Deer lottery results are in!

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that the deer lottery results are up at under public inquiry.

I didn't draw, but that's okay. I bet you guys didn't want me killin' the biggest and baddest mulie that North Dakota has to offer! :)

I guess I'll just have to take the biggest one down here, and save myself for all the waterfowlin' I'll be doin' up in the great state of North Dakota.

Hope you guys fared better than I did! :beer:
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I got my first choice ANY ANTLERED in 2H. I have gotten a buck tag in 2H for the last 6 or so years.I hunt around Ellendale, thats where both sides of my family are from.My uncle farms mainly in 2G2 and 2H is about 1/4 mile from his farm right across Hwy 281.We usually see atleast 5 MONSTER bucks a season. One of the weekends we go up to Johnson's Gultch after everyone has cleared out and spend a couple days wondering through the beautiful ravines. But for the most part we hunt from the state line all the way up to Monango and Merricourt north and south, and the Gultch is about as far west as we get usually, with hwy 281 being the east boundry.
I know what you are talking about. I don't think that old bakery is going anymore. But you can get the best carmel rolls in the world at the Nodak cafe on main street. Eating at the small town cafes is one of the things I look forward to during hunting season. You just can't beat them.
Sorry for coming off so ******, but I don't tell you how to hunt. We have hunted with the same people in our group for years. My dad and I hold out for big bucks and my two younger brother usually do too. Sorry for coming off so angry but poeple have been all over me lately. And if you knew me I think we would get along just fine.It is just that hunting is a very big thing in our family, in fact my brothers and I our heading out to Ellendale today to do some scouting for a few days. I was just saying that we have our honeyholes on private land that we like to hit up atleast once a season. We don't just go in and shoot the **** out of the place either. In fact in the last two seasons I have shot a total of 4 shells.We have enough tags in our family for meat that a few of us hold out for big bucks or else we don't fill our tags. Also we own land around Monango and south. But we know pretty much everyone.Like I said we have been in that area for 4 generations. There are still farmers who let me hunt because they knew my grandfathers who have been dead for a very long time, the rest of the farmers either know my parents or my uncles or aunts or my grandparents. I have one grandma that is still alive.Anyways if I ran into you this season I could get you on some great land, and have a beer or two. I deleted my other post, realized I came off like a prick when I read it today.
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1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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