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I've got a bunch of decoys that I don't use that I would like to sell. All decoys are in Mandan and in good used condition, no cracks or broken parts, just normal wear from my decoy trailer. 701-400-9268
7 dozen snow/blue Higdon full body stackables. Feeder style with stainless stake for motion. $80 per dozen
70-80 Flambeau snow silhouettes, wooden stakes shortened so they sit more realistically. $2 per decoy
1 dozen Outlaw Mallard silhouettes. $60
22 Outlaw Canada silhouettes. I believe they are the magnum size, not the largest ones. $110
1 dozen Quack brand standard snow goose decoys. $25
4 Duck magnets (all drake mallards). Used once, no stake included. $10 each
I also have a bunch of old snow northwind heads and heads for old G&H shells. Call me for a good deal on these.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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