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Decoy question.

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First off, I want to thank Chris for the answer to my blind/camo. question.

By the way, what kind of camo are you wearing that is ultra comfy? Mine is okay, but it's not like a velvet sweatsuit! :)

Now to the question. What are the preferred decoys, and can a guy get by with all silhouettes, if he has enough of them?

Has anyone used the Blackwater FUDS?

They will probably be used mostly in fields.

Thanks for the information.
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Realism kills geese...bigfeet are super good looking dekes with proper placement and numbers you can have some great hunts.Silo are good as well the fact that they appear and disappear is why they work they add "motion"to the spread.Ever seen real geese in a field they glare to,they featers are real shiny.Real geese pros are the best silo in my opinion becouse of the fabric side(face this towards the sun)move them when needed...but i agree the do have better days to use them,cloudy days and snowy days.We are going into production with our Windancer dekes you asked fora killer motion decoy this is it...i post pics here soon!!ARe you interested yet????I work out a giveaway for you guys!!!Have a good weekend!!!
Chris got your PM ill get with you and see if we can work something out like with the debander....motion kils and we proved it last year 660 geese killed over the windancer dekes!!!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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