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Nodak Outdoor's traffic these days has been enough to cripple almost every public server it's been on this year. Last night I moved the database to an open server, which should lead to better performance and speed.

With that came a change that could result in a login issue for a few users, and for that I apologize.

If you're having any login issues on the site, you'll need to clear your "cookies".

The vast majority of the users use Internet Explorer and the following is the fix, if you're using another browser and can't log in, please email [email protected] and I'll help you out.

For Internet Explorer, go up to the top left hand corner of the browser and click on "Tools"...than click on "Internet Options"...

From there, under the general tab (default under Internet Options), click on "Delete Cookies".

After that close your browser, reopen and you should be able to login.

If you have any continuing issues, contact [email protected]

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Thanks for the tip on log-in issues. I always had to log in twice before. :-?
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