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I just wanted to throw out some stuff that the DECPF (based in Fargo-West Fargo) is doing for projects. I also wanted to invite anyone that may want to become a committee member to pm me.

DECPF is targeting the area of ND between I-29 and HWY 1 from I-94 to the SD border for habitat enhancement and restoration for the proliferation of wild pheasants. Almost half of the projects are food plots near existing winter cover areas and the other half are establishing winter cover in areas that already have available winter food sources.

The chapter keeps nearly every penny that it raises for projects in this area. The best part is that the committee locates and develops the projects. It is fun to personally assist a landowner in bringing wild pheasants back to his farm. :beer:
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Ron Gilmore said:
Imported chickens are whats ruinin the state boys! :p :p :p :D :D :D

Just kidding thanks for the info.
:lol: :laugh: :rollin: You're killin me Ron!

Thanks for the info Scraper.
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