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After another great testimony by Bill Mitzel of Dakota Country, I want to make sure everyone is aware that isn't subscribers.

This is a magazine that looks out for our future ( not to mention it's my favorite magazine period ), not many businesses that are willing to stick out there neck for it these for that I have nothing but praise for Dakota Country.

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Slightly off the subject at hand, but Ken started this tangent.

The "Nonresident hunts for resident rates if under 16 rule" is already in effect in ND for states that offer reciprocity (ie. Minnesota). The new bill will expand the law to cover all NR youth regardless if their home state does the same. Not sure where Vermont fits into that picture.

The under 16 crowd can also hunt the youth waterfowl days if they have a ND guardian with them.

Nice idea though I doubt anyone under 16 will hunt in ND unless their parent(s) are along.
Buy it for his support of your cause, but

everytime I am back in ND I pick up a copy and am almost always very disappointed. Many more adds than articles. Articles seem hastely written for deadlines not content. Never seems to offer anything new.
Too bad Minnesota doesn't reciprocate on all the youth hunting activities for NRs. I was turned down in MN to have my sons hunt the youth season as NRs when they were younger. The DNR and a local warden told me the season was only open to resident youth. Good thing the resident sportsmen of ND stand behind NR youth hunting activities. Aren't we the ones trying to shut out all the NR hunters? Or could it be others are trying to shut us out?
Field Hunter:

Either the rules have changed, you got bad advise, or MN fails to inform people on the rules.

I have searched the MN Hunting Regs and the supplemental waterfowl regs.

Nothing is said at all about NR youth not allowed to hunt. The only rule is NR must be under 16 and have a "resident" license. Ages 13 - 15 must also have hunter safety training permit. Adult need not have any license at all.

North Dakota rules are as follows :

Nonresident youth hunting licenses. A nonresident under age sixteen need only purchase a North Dakota resident fishing, hunting and furbearer certificate and a North Dakota resident general game and habitat license to hunt small game and waterfowl except swans and wild turkeys; provided, that the nonresident's state, or province or territory of Canada, of residence provides a reciprocal licensing agreement for North Dakota residents who are also under age sixteen (currently states of CO, CT, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, TN, and TX). To be eligible, a nonresident youth may not have turned sixteen before September first of the year for which the license is issued and must possess a certificate of completion for a certified hunter education course. The nonresident youth may only hunt under the supervision of an adult family member or legal guardian who is licensed to hunt small game or waterfowl in this state and is subject to the same regulations as that youth's adult family member or legal guardian.
The NR adult must use 7 of his 14 days to simply be a properly licensed adult with the youth or find a friend / relative to serve as a hunting trip guardian. An expensive proposition to many NR adults.

My children will have the luxury of hunting with their cousins and uncle when they are old enough. Can hardly wait - unless of course ND becomes dry as a bone.

I have found that often - game wardens wrongly understand the more difficult rules and regs. I have also had Fed and state wardens inaccurately determine the species of eclipse plummage waterfowl. They are certainly human and do make mistakes.
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I think you misunderstood me. They were told they couldn't participate in the youth hunting weekend in MN. I called three years in a row and was given the same info. Of course the warden in our area gave my son, 14 at the time, a lecture on how he wasn't able to keep his own limit of fish on a family NR license. I later brought the book out on the lake to help him understand the rules he was enforcing. MN gets the NR money now that my boys are over 15 years old. My wife and I are at 42.00 and each son has to have his own license at approx 35.00 each. Then two portable fish house licenses at just under 40.00 each. Sorry off the subject.

How's the pheasant population look in the hunting areas you frequent. I think there will be many, many if the weather holds this spring.
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