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After another great testimony by Bill Mitzel of Dakota Country, I want to make sure everyone is aware that isn't subscribers.

This is a magazine that looks out for our future ( not to mention it's my favorite magazine period ), not many businesses that are willing to stick out there neck for it these for that I have nothing but praise for Dakota Country.

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Having know Bill since the start of his magaizine and having fished with him, I am not surprised by his testimony, His outlook is fundamental to the core of what the magizine is about. It may cost him some advertising dollars and a place to hunt, but right is right.

Econ 101

What you are missing is that he hs stepped up to the plate, and stated his reasons for that give him credit. He is a business owner and may face economic lost for his views so I challenge you to put up a sign in your business so that when us free lance hunters that you do not support will know who you are and what you stood for we can then make the desicion to patronize your business or not.

You have the luxary of a screen name to hide behind he chose not to. I will be changing my screen name to refect my name for these reasons soon so I will walk the walk.

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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