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So they ruled today that the Federal government cant tell private business how to do things.... IE: They cant require shots for workers.

But they Ruled that any Hospital or Medical Facility that receives federal funding can be told to give its workers shots or testing/masks.

So here is something to think about.... It shows you that if the Federal Gov is paying the bill they can dictate what happens to you. IE: those hospitals get paid by the Fed so they can make the workers get shots. Just like they can make all federal Employees get shots. Now really think about this. You know one fear people have about UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE is that the Feds will Dictate what care you get. THIS RIGHT HERE PROVES THAT POINT. A president, congress, etc can come in and all of a sudden mandate something and it would change the way you get healthcare. That is exactly what this just proved. If you dont think so... how can they "mandate" these workers get a shot when private business doesn't have to listen to that unless they want too.

It is precedent that was just set by that ruling. Again it would take a twisted congress or president to lets say mandate all people not get Chemo treatment or something along those lines. But it could say something like after X numbers of weeks they shift to a "comfort" care and not trying to "cure". But again... would take a twisted congress/president to do that. But again... this proves that they COULD. Which is one of the fears of Universal Healthcare. BTW... in Canada did you see that the Ronald Mc Donald house kicked out a kid because that patient wasn't vaxed. Or look at Austrailia.... Kind of along the same lines isn't it.... Just saying.
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