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My CRP story is a long one. Your story will be
very similar but, in my story it was bittersweet.

Short story version. Previous CRP was ending.
Ducks Unlimited/USDA offered 3x more money
if hunters allowed to use.

DU/USDA wanted to destroy very nice, lush, well kept
up CRP fields with Roundup in order to have
more native grasses planted (that would take
5 years). All kinds of animals lived there.

In the meantime someone shot in to the home
stead house. Welp, that sealed a different deal
and no dam hunters hunting there again!

I paid a hefty penalty to get out of the newly signed
contract but no more Government involvement.

They asked what I was going to do with the CRP, I
just smiled and walked away (none of their business).
It was rented out to a well respected, generous
Farmer later that day.

You need to read, read, and re-read that contact.
You need to understand what exactly will be expected
of you for up keep of the CRP. DU/USDA now will own you
for a long time. You will receive mail every so often,
they inspected CRP, and needs noxious weeds taken care of.

Good Luck.
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