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for years we had no daily or possesion limit on devils lake. alot of the local anglers & the angling assoc. asked the game&fish for a 50 a day &250 possesion limit. randy frost &hospitality assoc. screamed &hollored
that the non-residents, the motels&resturants would suffer. the game&
fish agreed with the anglers. the motels stayed full, the non- residents
still came. several years later we again asked for lower limits,35&175
again randy frost &hospitality assoc. screamed & hollored, but game &
fish agreed with anglers. at the present time devils lake motels have one
of the highest occupancy rates in n.d., & non-res fishing lic sales increase
every year. last spring when g&f had special meetings for input from
hunters, three things were mentioned over & over. outfitters leasing of
land was out of control, they had over 400,000 acres, g&f has 200,000
sales of non-res waterfowl licenses should be capped. hunting pressure
was to great. SB2048 address's 2 0f the 3 above concers, and we can
address the first with HB1048 & HB 1050.
let's all compromise and work together to support SB2048.
"what say you"

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