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Class Action Law suit against Farm Bureau and Nodak Mutual

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Looking for members of these two groups that are not happy with their leadership.Looking at two differant suits.Send me P. message.
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DK-this from the 6-1-03 FB newletter. " NDFB saw a need to better protect the interests of farmers and ranchers in the state, so we initiated formation of the Northern Plains Public Interest Law Firm, said Eric Asmundstad. The plantiff in the case is Rod Froelich from Selfridge, ND. NPPILF has retained Douglas Goulding of Devils Lake, ND to act as special counsel for this case. The lawsuit asks the court to answer a simple question: 'Is it not a violation of basic common law private property rights when the state contends that it is legal to hunt on private land without the permission of the landowner if that land is not posted?'--------NIPPILE is an Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3) entity, funded by tax deductible donations of supporters. It is a corporation governed by a board of directors that sets the firm's policies and provides the criteria for selecting cases accecpted by the firm."
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