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China will need not fire a shot. By 2024 Joe will have turned us into the western hemisphere China. If Putin was half as smart as I thought he woukd have stayed out of the Ukrain and joined NATO themselves. Russia and China may both be communist, but both want to rule the world and sooner or later they are going to nuke each other. I hope we have enough brains to stay out of it.

Biden to introduce Social Credit
System like China?

Dear American,

Biden’s Executive Order 14067 could pave the way for a social credit system just like China.

In China, if you say the wrong thing on social media, forget to pay a bill, or even play music too loud…

You get labelled as “untrustworthy”.

They can then take away your ability to travel…

Restrict your internet access…

And deny your family the best schools or jobs…

They can even take away your pets.

All of this is going on right now.

Thanks to Biden’s new Order…

I predict we’ll soon see America become a total surveillance state like China…

And a social credit system will be introduced to keep us all “in line”.

>>Click here to see America’s dark future.

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This is exactly what people are worried about when the CC companies now are falling in line with possibly tracking Gun purchases and what not.

Also when the thread i talked about banking and what not with crypto and other things.

They are trying to make it so they can track purchases. They are saying this is to help combat human trafficking, drugs, etc. But again what it will do is open up the gov to tracking its own citizens. It would just take someone who doesn't have the best interests in mind to do it. Be it a president, congress person, or someone who was hired by any of them or appointed by them.

You think the people at twitter, facebook, etc when they started thought... hey I can shut down peoples voices and opinions. NOPE... but look what it turned into. YES IT IS GETTING PROVEN EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE AFRAID OF.... some took it "upon themselves" to curb speech and discussion. When it came to politics, the vaccine, Covid opinions, etc. And the gov what involved with these social media people. It is all coming to light even though the media doesn't want to talk about it.

Anyways.... it just shows you that something could start off with the right intentions but then turn quickly when people are power hungry.
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