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Casselton Meeting Results

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I just made it home in time to watch WDAY's news on the event. WDAY was way off in what went on, but oh well.

The meeting was excellent. I don't even know where to start or where to end. There was some very vocal discussions and Mr. Hildebrandt was not the most popular guy this evening, or anyone on his panel. To put is simply, they got roasted.

Big Eddy, if you're reading made for the most interesting 3 minutes of speech and debate than I've witnessed in years. Way to speak up! :thumb: He had recovered minutes from a sesssion where they're considering putting the Game & Fish under the Commerce Dept. and let it out to the public about what they're trying to do. When the gentlemen from the advisory panel got up and said it was a lie, you could here "BULL$H*T" being yelled from the other side of town. It was good to see so many people as passionate about the future of sportsman as MOST of the people in that room.

There were so many insights and humor as well. Curt Wells, as always, did a wonderful speech....and funny as hell. He did put up an idea that does make sense...and that is automating the licenses like MN does. That could help keep better records and keep people from screwing the system(in particular, buying extra licenses).

I could go on and on...but I know a lot of the guys here were there so you can add more if you'd like.

They're scheduling another advisory meeting in Cass County in the end of April into June sometime. If you missed this one....YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THE NEXT ONE!
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I thought the meeting went very well and was a good exchange of ideas. Ed showed the passion all of us are feeling on this issue and Curt Wells was a voice of reason and calmness. WDAY said the meeting was about pheasants, but I saw it as a meeting of access and falling quality of hunting in the state. The board took a lot of heat but I also think they showed guts being up there and giving everyone a fair chance to be heard. My one thought during all this is where is our Govenor?? Last night seemed like sheep going to slaughter over the Gov's mess. I think the meeting was a step in the right direction. I agree that Hoeven woke a sleeping giant with this. Rep. Al Carlson made a very good point: GET INVOLVED!! call you representative, pitch some ideas, just get involved somehow. Rep. Carlson has been trying to get bills passed and there just isn't the support. I hope there is now.
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